Bridget Jones Diary – Book & Movie

I remember being younger when the Bridget Jones movie came out, and feeling like it was stupid or lame.  I was a bit too young to enjoy this type of movie, and for some reason figured it was so not cool.  As time went on I still was not interested in the movie, but more because it was a typical chick flick and I was too cool to like chick flicks in general.  Being a chick and all, I’m not sure why I was so afraid to embrace the typical girl role, but I’m here now.  I’m not saying that chick flicks are amazing, they can be very typical and predictable and all of that.  Some days, however, it can be nice to sit and watch an uncomplicated movie.  You aren’t sitting uncomfortably at the edge of your seat in suspense, or covering your eyes from gore, or shielding your ears from all of the swearing and loud explosions.  Some days when I have the house to myself, and baby girl is in bed, I like to put on a nice, easy chick flick.

With all that being said, one day I saw that Bridget Jones Diary was coming on one of our movie channels.  I figured that I’d record it, and then I figured I’d take it one step forward and read the book too!  I prefer to read the book before I watch the movie, so I quickly bought the e-book on my phone and started reading.




Wow!  What an easy read this book was.   I’m not sure if everyone knew this, but this book is actually like picking up a diary and reading it.  It was nicely broken down so going through the pages were a breeze.  It can be a bit more tiresome to read through an entire chapter sometimes, but this was just a few pages per entry so that made it simple to say “one more entry before bed” as opposed to one more chapter before bed, which could leave you awake for another 20 min or so, depending on the book.

There was definitely a lot of british lingo and slang, but it really wasn’t too hard to pick up on.  Even if you really had no clue what was being said, we’ve all watched enough british movies by now that we get the jest of it.

Bridget’s personality was cheeky, and entertaining to read.  She got herself into awkward predicaments, but they never really bothered me or made me feel uncomfortable to read.  Some books and movies are based around those really awkward scenarios, and they actually make me feel so uncomfortable or uneasy, that I don’t even enjoy reading about it at all.  Confessions of a Shopaholic was very much like that for me.  However, I think the fact that Bridget had already lived the moment, and then was recapping them at home later in her diary, made the situations a bit relaxed and easy to endure.  I know it’s just fiction, but I can’t help getting emotionally involved in these stories!

There was a cute love triangle that could technically actually happen.  I would say that the chances of it happening are slim, but I’m sure something similar has at least happened to a friend of a friend.  The misconceptions that all of the characters had for each other were very realistic and believable.  We’ve all had those single friends that are trying to help but sometimes can do more harm then good.  We’ve all encountered that “player” who can sweet talk his way into anything.  We’ve also all come across that person who seems like a snob, but actually just turns out to be overly shy.  I liked how relate able all of the characters were.



When it came time to watch the movie I wasn’t disappointed there either.  I’m always a stickler to see how well the movie follows the book and this came pretty close.  Of course some details were over drawn, alterednor skipped over completely.  Often times I prefer an event that took place in the book vs the movie, but in this case, I actually preferred the movie’s take on the story.  Although I always knew Bridget was quirky, she came off a lot more funny in the movie.  I did miss some of Bridget’s more vulgar ways that were included in the book but had been left out of the movie, but it wasn’t enough to ruin things for me.

All in all I give the book 7/10 because it was a very easy, fun, unique and an eventful read.  It wasn’t overly meaningful or thoughtful however, so that is certainly where it lacks on the rating.  It did make me laugh, but it didn’t make me cry or feel passion in anyway. For what it is, the book is great though.

As for the movie, I give it the same 7/10 review.  It was cute, relate able, funny, and I enjoyed all the actors playing the parts.  Who better than Hugh Grant to play the womanizing player?  I think had there been just a little less cheese, it could maybe have rated a bit higher, but not by much.  7/10 is basically the highest rating that any chick flick can get.  Movies like Inception are 10/10, and I just couldn’t possibly put Bridget Jones Diary right next to Inception, that would just be weird and unfair.

Welcome To 2015!


A Soft Mani For a Soft Bodayy!

Yes I know that Napoleon Dynamite is a pretty old movie now, but I can never stop using the “soft body” quote.

“You know, Deborah, you have striking features. Such a soft face should be complimented with a soft body.”

                          – Uncle Rico

Anyway, this manicure I did can definitely be described as soft.


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a manicure actually.  I thought about doing a post about all of the past mani’s I did that I never got around to posting.  Turns out that I just stopped taking pictures of my nails, so I had nothing to show for it.  Manicure time is a bit different for me these days.  Once upon a time I had a wee baby and could just bundle her up and prop her with couch cushions and paint away without a care in the world.  Now-a-days, my preschooler is always demanding something of me:

  • snacks
  • assistance with potty breaks
  • book readings
  • mouse trap game set up
  • channel changing

I don’t know if you noticed the trend, but basically these are all wet manicure damaging activities.  Yes, I live a life of luxury where my manicures come to life while I lock myself in the bathroom Saturday morning when my husband is off from work.  Green with envy is not a good color on you…

Anyway, now that we’ve explored behind the scenes, let us discuss the main feature.  I got a Smith & Cult polish for Christmas and had to put it to good use.  The color is “Pillow Pie” which sounds a bit sexual to me, but I’ll let that go.  It’s a sheer light pink, which I was determined to use.  I thought light pink and silver and then kind of went from there digging through all of my polishes.

I came up with pink on my pinky and pointer, grey on my middle and thumb and shimmery white with sparkles on my ring finger.

wpid-wp-1419937746549.jpeg wpid-wp-1419937719153.jpegNotice the severe smudging on my pinky nail?  I accidentally bumped it, and then fixed it up – no problem.  When it smudged again I thought “F*ck it, this smudge was meant to be!”  I can be superstitious like that.

My husband also got me those little silver nail decals and I thought they would go great with these colors so I applied a few with tweezers.  This technique looks much easier than it actually is, especially if the polish is still a bit wet.

Overall I am satisfied with the finished product.  Looking at these pictures though, I thought that a matte finish could have carried on the ‘soft’ theme I had started a bit further.  I also thought that I could use a little cuticle oil and some hand lotion.  No I am not a 50 year old woman, my lady leather is just a bit dry.  Noted!


It’s Here!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Enjoy your family, gifts, and num nums today!

When you are all done celebrating today, make sure to get all of your needed rest tonight so that you can head to the stores and recklessly spend even more of your money tomorrow.

The Almighty Cheese Cane

wpid-20141223_154751.jpgI told you to stay tuned for cheese cane and tuned you stayed.  Now you shall be rewarded with this delectable tasty treat.  It started as my Mom’s Cheese Ball recipe and has since morphed into something far greater!

What you will need:

  • 1/2 of a large block of marble cheese
  • 1 brick of cream cheese
  • 1/3 of a medium onion, finely diced
  • 1 tsp of crushed garlic
  • 2 dashes of worcestershire
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
  • Mixing bowl
  • Large spoon
  • Sharp knife
  • Mad skillz
  • Amazing Cheese Cane Dish


  1. First thing’s first, take the cream cheese out of the fridge and let it soften on the counter for an hour or so.
  2. After the cream cheese has softened on the counter, unwrap and place in your mixing bowl and mix it with your spoon to ensure it is really softened.
  3. Finely dice your onion and add to the cream cheese.
  4. Add the crushed garlic to the cream cheese.
  5. Grate your marble cheese then also add this to the cream cheese.
  6. Sprinkle the worcestershire sauce and then mix everything together until all ingredients are incorporated.
  7. Cram all of your cheese tasties into your amazing cheese cane dish.
  8. Decorate the top of your cheese cane with the diced red pepper for added Christmas pizazz!
  9. Serve with awesome Christmas crackers and a sliced coil of garlic sausage for best results.  I use Ritz, Sociables, Bacon Dippers, Sour Cream and Chive are also amazing and will add a lot of extra flavour.

Place counter warmed cream cheese into your mixing bowl


Soften cream cheese with your spoon


Cut 1/3 of a white/yellow medium sized onion


Finely dice the onion. *Note: my sweet ass onion saver I got from Stokes. I use that thing all the time, and now my fridge never reeks like onions.


Add diced onion to cream cheese


Add garlic to cream cheese. I use the already minced kind from a jar.


Grate your cheese




Add grated cheese to cream cheese.


Add your worcestershire then mix it all together. As you can see I mixed mine first, then added the worcestershire. Whatevs, it’s all the same.


Mix it all together evenly


Get your glorious Cheese Cane Dish


*light shines down from the heavens*


Pack that cane


Cut your red pepper


Remove weird white strip item


cut – julienne – dice


Artistically decorate your cheese cane


Admire momentarily before yum yum time

Now like I said, this was originally supposed to be a cheese ball so if you are one of those unfortunate souls that does not own a cheese cane, skip step 7 & 8 and instead roll the cheese mixture into a ball with your hands.  This recipe makes a fairly large cheese ball compared to the store bought kind so feel free to divide it into two balls.  Double or triple this recipe to acquire many balls.  You can then coat the cheese ball(s) with the diced red peppers.  This is where you allow your imagination to run wild.  Maybe you’ll be a rebel and roll it in both red AND green diced peppers (oh SHIT!).  My Mom would coat hers with chopped walnuts, and I used to coat mine with chopped bacon, which is clearly far superior than nuts, but that is your call.

After the cheese ball is coated, carefully wrap it in plastic wrap once or twice over, and keep in the fridge.  Remember to take it out of the fridge 30min or so before serving, lest everyone’s crackers snap in half!

This general recipe is very versatile and can be altered in so many ways.  You can add mozza and cheddar instead of just marble cheese.  Perhaps you’re gonna spice it up with parm and basil.  Or you can add some chives instead of just diced onions – or maybe you don’t like raw onions and prefer them to be caramelized first, or just onion powder.  Same goes for the garlic – use as much or as little of that stuff as you desire in whatever form you have.  Maybe you want to add something spicy, or maybe some festive craisins.  The combination possibilities are endless!

Oh yeah… you’re welcome!

12 Random Days of Christmas – Day 12

If you missed Day 11, click here.

Day 12 – Christmas Day!!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  This is the last day of my 12 Random Days of Christmas.  It’s been awesome laying it all out there, and reinforcing all of the great things that I love about Christmas, and what makes the holidays special for me.  So enjoy the last post of the series!

Nothing beats actual Christmas Day.  After all, the gift giving, food, drinks and celebrations have all been about this very day.  Christmas Eve night we all grab some hot chocolate and drive around looking at all the best Christmas lights. When we get home, we all open up one present, and then put on our matching Christmas PJ’s.  My husband would always watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation with his family, so I think we will adopt that for our family starting this year.

xmasvacationAfter laying out “Santa’s” gifts, and eating cookies and carrots, or struggling to get to sleep (depending on if you are the child or the parent), will come Christmas morning.  Everyone wakes up the rest of the family and gather them around the tree.  In our family we get some irish coffee and eggnog, and turn on the yule log channel.  We start with the stockings and work our way around the tree, trying to save those really big presents for last.  We all say thank you to everyone, and clean up our garbage.

Next we get the turkey and stuffing in the oven then start with our traditional breakfast.  When I was growing up that was always Birdies in a Nest, which is a bacon lined muffin tin with an egg cracked in each hole.  We’d usually put them in an english muffin with some sliced cheese.  Yum!  I still carry this tradition on with my family, but I’ve added snowflake pancakes to the mix with my snowflake griddle that I found at Costco a few years back.

snowflakeNow I know many of you may be thinking, “Well what about Jesus?”  and that is a very fair question.  I will simply answer that by saying, my family celebrates the birth of Santa, and I will just leave it at that.

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of year.  I love every part of it, the good and the bad.  There are so many traditions, and other good feeling moments.  You and your family stuffing your face with delicious food and drinks, while listening to the choir of bells and using all of your new presents in front of the Christmas tree.  It might not be exactly how Christmas all began, but it is how my family finishes it, and that’s what means the most to me.

Here are some links to the entire 12 Random Days of Christmas Series:

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For Day 12, scroll up…  But I didn’t actually have to tell you that did I? ;]

12 Random Days of Christmas – Day 11

If you missed Day 10, click here.

Day 11 – Movies

I sit here on the couch, watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV as I write this post.  What a great Christmas movie this is.  Did you know that it is 50 years old this year?  And it was voiced by mostly Canadians, including a lady for Rudolph’s voice?  I loved watching this movie as a kid, and I still enjoy watching it now (even though Santa is basically an asshole), and I’m almost 30.  The quality is a bit dated, but that isn’t stopping my baby girl from enjoying it right now too.  It truly is a timeless classic and I look forward to watching it every Christmas for many years to come.

rudolphAlong with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer come a bunch of other Christmas classics.  My favourite was always the cartoon version of How the Grinch stole Christmas.  When I grew up I was a bit disappointed to find out that it was only like 18 minutes long or something.  It always seemed so much longer with all of those commercials that you couldn’t fast forward through!  Anything Dr Seuss is truly amazing though so I’m not surprised that this tops the list for me.

grinchA close second for me was the Garfield Christmas Special.  Garfield was the original grumpy cat before Tard came along.  He always seemed to know how to tug on my heart strings and make me laugh.  I know everyone’s lines in that movie, and every lyric of the songs.  I still love this movie despite the color changing bulb at the top of the Christmas tree, just as Garfield slips down it.  Haven’t noticed that before?  You’re in for a real treat.  Those lazy animators!

The purple ornament changes to red

The purple ornament changes to red

grumpyThe Charlie Brown Christmas is also a must.  I was never super crazy about the whole Peanuts situation, but it’s just not Christmas time for me if this special is not included in my Holiday movie line up.  It still makes me giggle how a twig becomes a full bodied and leafy tree when they add ornaments and lights.


Clearly that is not the same tree.  You tell me Christmas LIES!

Clearly that is not the same tree. You tell me Christmas LIES!

Most people will also say Frosty the Snowman is a classic too, and I agree, I just personally never cared for that movie.  I could just never get on board with that one.  Maybe it was too 70’s-ish, or maybe I didn’t like the cut of the villains jib.  Either way, I think this movie stinks.  BUT, I will still show baby girl.  She has a right to hate it all on her own accord like her mother.

frostyCan’t forget about the Home Alone series, and by series I mean the first 2 only…  I ain’t no chump watching 3 and 4 and however many other ones there are.  These movies are totally cult classics, and will forever be awesome despite their many many flawed loop holes.


There are so many other movies now to enjoy.  Elf, the new How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and the countless other Christmas specials.  Now all we have to do is wait and see which ones will stand the test of time like all of these awesome movies that I’ve listed.  Get down with a great Christmas movie today!  You will not be disappointed!


12 Random Days of Christmas – Day 10

If you missed Day 9, click here.

Day 10 – Donations

I know that I already semi mentioned donations, but I think it is most definitely worth another mention.  Yes, it is truly that good.  Christmas is majorly a time for giving and it feels so good to help someone out, even if they are a stranger to you.  It’s hard to avoid this part of the holiday season.  Usually there is a food bank bin at your grocery store all year long, but this time of year it is often filled to the brim.  There will likely be a Salvation Army donation set up near by as well.  You know the one I mean – with the hanging money ball and the bell.

donation coin trashI know there are usually set ups for donating turkeys to needy families which is great.  How sad would you be if you had a family to feed, and didn’t have a turkey on Christmas day.  A lot of organizations also arrange for toy donations, and lot’s of them.  I went to a hockey game recently where everyone threw teddy bears onto the ice for donation.  It was really inspirational to see, and the amount of teddy bears was overwhelming. If there is a kid in my province that doesn’t have a teddy bear this Christmas I will truly be surprised.

Baby Girl and I did one of these Samaritan’s Purse shoe box donations.

It was really nice to pick the age and gender of a child that you’d like to buy for, then head to the store.  We picked out all kinds of great things together, though baby girl had a bit of difficulty grasping the concept of no liquids in the shoe box.  We enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and I have no doubt that some girl, aged 10-14 will enjoy the parcel that we’ve made up for her.

We also did one of those, “You’ve Been Elfed” things, where you fill up a gift bag with Christmas treats and go leave it on a random neighbors door.  I know I would love to come home to a gift bag filled with chocolates on my door knob, wouldn’t you?  If anything, it’s just good to pay it forward, and a simple gesture can really make someone’s day and maybe even their whole Christmas holiday.

12 Random Days of Christmas – Day 9

If you missed Day 8, click here.

Day 9 – Christmas Theme Everything

I love themes and I love themed everything.  As soon as I discover my theme it’s like shouting “GO!” at a race, and I’ll peel out with my brainstorming.  Pinterest will also be there.

Looking around my house and seeing all of the ways I have themed the shit out of it is awesome!  What you see, hear, taste… it’s all Christmas, all day long.

Attending a Christmas party?  You’ll be sure to see ladies in red, gold and sparkly dresses.  You’re also likely to see some Christmas themed manicures.  Perhaps you may even see some of them on this very page.  Here are some oldies but goodies…

I’ve been working on some new manicures too…

Christmas themed crafts are also tons of fun.  Me and baby girl have been working on a few different crafts as part of her Christmas Activity Advent Calendar.


Frosty: The Snowball Game

Hand print wreath

Hand print wreath

"The Mystical Forest" - Baby Girl

“The Mystical Forest” – Baby Girl

Popsicle stick tree ornament complete with gems, beads and glitter glue!

Popsicle stick tree ornament complete with gems, beads and glitter glue!

Also my Christmas Wreaths and Tree decor items that I have for sale on Etsy were super fun crafts to make.

12 Random Days of Christmas – Day 8

If you missed Day 7, click here.

Day 8 – Family

Christmas is never quite right without your family around.  Doing jigsaw puzzles, watching movies, eating tasty yum yums or just straight up enjoying each others company is what makes the holiday season so amazing.  Growing up we sometimes spent the holidays with extended family, but for the most part we just had each other.  Sometimes it was nice, but other times it seemed too quiet for me.  I’m not exactly looking for the Home Alone family experience either.  Somewhere in the middle there is a sweet spot and we might have found it this year.

homealone homealone1

We plan to finally have Christmas in our own house, with our own family, enjoying our own decorations and traditions, just the 3 of us.  Previous years I was so preoccupied with being a perfect hostess, or settling into someone else home, that I was too distracted to fully indulge and enjoy the holidays myself.  I also seemed to miss more of baby girls Christmas experience then I would like.  I want to thoroughly enjoy watching her open her presents, make our traditional breakfast as a family and just simply take our time.  I most certainly do not want to wait in line to access the Christmas tree, or be distracted by all the noise of a huge crowd.  At least not this year anyway.  After we enjoy our morning we plan to drive to my Mother in-laws house for dinner and spend time with a lot of family there.  We’ll get the best of both worlds this year, and in all the right places.

I hear people complain about too many people cramming into one house during the holidays.  No one has a proper bed or adequate bathroom time.  Everyone seems to be stepping on each others toes, and that can be a real drag.  I can see that side of the argument, but I think I would still take that over having no family at all.  Like I said, when I was growing up I actually felt kind of lonely.  We would open our gifts as a family, then once the turkey was in the oven, everyone went their separate ways until dinner.  It just never quite sat right with me, so there definitely has to be a balance.

Getting on that flight to see your family, or picking up your family from the airport can add to the excitement of the holidays.  Driving through the snow, planning to go sledding or skating together can be a lot of fun.  There is just something amazing about everyone being dressed in the comfiest Christmas pj’s while sipping hot chocolate with Christmas music playing in the background.  The best part of all of this though is the people.  It just wouldn’t be the same if you were all alone in your themed pj’s on Christmas.


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